Cindy Acker : Principal

Cindy Acker


Cindy is the founder of The Child Unique and The Montessori Elementary School of Alameda (MESA), and has served as principal for over 30 years. She has several degrees in education, human development, spirituality, cultural studies and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from UC Berkeley. Cindy has also been involved in public policy, representing Montessori schools in California. She is a published author and a national keynote speaker. Apart from her passion for education, Cindy is a singer and choir director in Novato and a mother of three adult children. Cindy speaks Dutch and Spanish.

Rosie Galvez : Teacher at Taylor Campus

Rosie Galvez

Teacher at Taylor Campus

Rosie Galvez

Physical Education Teacher at the Taylor Campus

Rosie was inspired to pursue a career in education while creating a fictitious Wellness Center project her senior year of High School. Rosie holds a degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences and is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and the American College of Sports Medicine. For the last 18 years, she has worked with people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, ages 6-75, with the intention of enhancing their self-esteem and quality of life, as well as cultivating a sense of community through movement. Rosie understands that when life happens, there is always a way to move around to embrace the process of change. She is looking forward to sharing her ideas with all of the TCU and MESA students.

Laurie Kelsoe : Elementary Art Teacher

Laurie Kelsoe

Elementary Art Teacher

Laurie has been painting and in involved with the arts since she was 10 years old. She earned a B.A. from the California College of the Arts in Fine Art Textiles in 2015. Laurie has lead communities in creating murals and volunteered teaching painting and drawing with the non-profit CoachArt and worked at the Children's Creativity Museum, creating an array of story-telling and art and craft activities for children and parents. Laurie is excited to share the joy, creativity, and passion for life that she received through Montessori principles in her own education.

Miesha Lampkins : Events Coordinator

Miesha Lampkins

Events Coordinator

Miesha Lampkins was born and raised in the Bay Area. She received her Montessori training and has worked with Montessori children for more than 8 years as a lead teacher. However, she has always had an interest in coordination, and is excited to join The Child Unique/MESA, fulfilling her desire to be an event planner. Her warm and bubbly spirit is perfect for hosting and coordinating events. She seeks to complete a bachelor’s degree program in Hospitality at California State University Eastbay.

Fatma Shoukry : Upper/Lower Elementary Teacher

Fatma Shoukry

Upper/Lower Elementary Teacher

Fatma lived in Cario, Egypt before coming to the Montessori Elementary School of Alameda. Fatma has been working with children for 18 years. She holds a degree in Education and her Montessori Primary teaching credential. She has been a Montessori Guide at private schools in Egypt since 2008. Fatma is currently completing her Elementary Montessori credential. In her spare time, she loves reading, traveling and working out.

Jazmin Silva : Assitant/Spanish Teacher

Jazmin Silva

Assitant/Spanish Teacher

Jazmin Silva has been working with children since she was 15 years old and began as a tutor for an after school program in Oakland. She has spent time as an Arts & Crafts lead mentor and, coming from a large family, she always enjoys being around a large community of children. In her spare time she likes to create art, read and pursue healthy activities. She has a strong interest in history (like her mom) and likes attending sports events. Jazmin is fluent in Spanish and will continue to teach it this year.

Kwang Sriprommasa : Elementary Teacher Intern

Kwang Sriprommasa

Elementary Teacher Intern

Kwang, (Thitiyaporn) Sriprommasa graduated from Bangkok University in Thailand with a bachelor's degree in English. She recently completed her Early Childhood Credential at The Montessori Institute of Advanced Studies. Kwang enjoyed working at the Encinal and Pacific campus in past years and is looking forward to joining the Taylor campus this year.

Steve Slater : Music Teacher

Steve Slater

Music Teacher

Steve Slater has been playing drums for nearly twenty-five years. Steve attended Santa Barbara City College and San Jose University. He is a percussion instructor at Allegro Music and has his own studio in Fremont called School of Drums. Steve leads the drum line at Mission San Jose High School for over ten years. He also plays drums in three San Francisco Bay Area rock bands and his own jazz ensemble, Park St. Trio, based out of Alameda. He is the primary songwriter and has released two albums of original music.